Jay Daniel Wright was born in Nottingham, England and now works as an illustrator/designer and maker in Berlin. His work can be found globaly from newspapers, magazines to screens and many places in between. His clients include New York Times, OkCupid, Moog Synthesizers, Ace and Tate and The New Yorker to name a few. 

Jay spent the first three years out of school working with his father, learning the trade of carpentry. Since going through art school in Bristol (UWE) and Berlin (UDK) he still uses skills learnt working as a carpenter to explore his work three dimensionally.

Jay has always been interested in telling stories. His personal work, often autobiographical, serves as a record to his own personal journey and experiences; sometimes weird and revelling in sadness, but more often than not Joyful, heartfelt, bold and bright.

Full CV on request. 

For enquiries about work/collaboration or just to say hi, please contact me via email ︎︎︎